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2019 Dec 31
The Opernbrunnen is a fountain standing in the grounds of the State Opera House in Vienna. It’s a circular fountain composed of the main basin and two smaller circular dishes in the centre, separated by columns. The upper dish is topped with an allegory of music, while between the two dishes are female allegories to joy, dance and levity

The sculptures are classically inspired characters wearing Greco-Roman robes with attention paid to the details of the robes and folds. The fountain is in the main tourist district of Vienna and it’s worth a quick look.
Ambiorix Square
2019 Nov 19
Square Ambiorix is a public square and park in the Quartier des Squares district of Brussels. The park is well tended and has been design in the french style with a regular and rectangular shaped interspersed with paths laid out in geometric patterns over the well kept lawns, flower beds, fountains, sculptures and a playground.

The area is a well to do district and there are many fine buildings around the park, especially to the north and east. For Art Nouveau fans, there are mainly fine building built in this style including the Villa Germaine and Maison Saint-Cyr.

The park is away from the main tourist circuit in Brussels, but worth visiting if you have the time.
This sculpture honours a fictional character Madame Chapeau, from the Belgian comedy play, Bossemans et Coppenolle by Joris d’Hanswyck.

The sculpture depicts the elderly Madame Chapeau carrying a bag. The bag contains some vegetables and a rabbit that Madame Chapeau is planning on selling to get a ticket for a a football match (must be a famous scene from the play).

Probably works best if you're familiar with Belgian culture.
2019 Jun 13
This fountain can be found in the Residenzplatz public square in the Old Town of Salzburg. Said to be the largest fountain in the city, it's a baroque and sea themed fountain.

The fountain contains four groups of sculptures. At the lowest basin stands is four sculptures of seahorses, galloping out of the waves, each spewing out a jet of water from their mouths. Above the seahorses are two men, perhaps a pair of Atlas, bearing the weight of another basin on their mighty shoulders. Above the two men is a smaller bowl supported by three dolphins. And finally, topping off the fountain is a sculpture of Triton, the Greek god of the sea spitting out water from a conch.

A lovely fountain in a lovely public square.